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Kwik Sew [Jul. 11th, 2006|11:10 am]
Fabric store whores


Patterns are always half off at Hancock, right? (I know that sounds like a stupid question, but since I always buy them on the 99 cents and $1.99 sales, I can't remember!) If so, does that include the Kwik Sew patterns?

I need a catsuit/long-sleeved unitard sort of pattern, and Kwik Sew is the only book I can find with one. I know I have one somewhere, so I'm trying to weigh whether it's worth looking for it or buying a new one.

[User Picture]From: hulajenny
2006-07-11 03:25 pm (UTC)
Sadly the Kwik Sew patterns don't ever go on sale. They are a smaller company that can't afford to discount their patterns.
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From: pax_aevum
2006-07-11 03:54 pm (UTC)
Haven't they been on sale once or twice? I could be nuts but I feel like they have.
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