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Too Late? [Oct. 29th, 2006|06:43 pm]
Fabric store whores


[mood |grossed out by the memory]

So, is this still a viable community or what? It doesn't seem to have many recent posts...
I certainly wish I had known about this coomunity back when I actually *worked* for Hancock's. As much as I love working in fabric stores, both for the ambience as well as the discount, I had a store manager from...well, what's worse than hell? Whatever it is, that's where she was from.
Why they keep a manager who the customers routinely complain about, I don't know. I've heard customers come up to district managers when they were in the store and point at her directly and lodge complaints, all serious and all true. Everything from rudeness, to lack of knowledge, to lying, to being just, well, not quite right in the head.
Once, a customer was asking for a fabric to lay under lace for a flower girl's dress. She wanted something that would look nice when the detachable lace overskirt was removed. This manage kept insisting *flannel* would be nice. She said all kids love flannel because it's so "slippery-dippery". Really. She said this. I heard her with my own ears. The poor customer thought she had misunderstood, and repeated that it was for a flower girl's dress, for a wedding, and it would be need to be a dressy fabric, since it would be seen. The manager then got really angry, saying that she was the expert and the customer needs to liten to her, and she doesn't give out her expert advice to just anyone, and finally ordered the customer out of the store.
I don't know if that customer ever called the corporate office, but I did. What happened? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Not long afterward, they bought the larger store next to us, and we had to move everything over there. No biggie there, but she said we were responsible for cleaning the place top to bottom before that could happen. The place was filthy, as it had been unoccupied for several years. All the broken fixtures had been left behind, and we had to carry (some of it really heavy) to the dumpsters. She insisted that the entire place be scoured with straight Clorox. I quit on the spot. That's not what I was hired to do...her stance being that I was hired to do whatever she decided. I found out from an elderly part-time lady that the manager ordered her to clean the men's bathroom. She said it was utterly disgusting, with toilets overflowing with waste, since the water had been shit off for so long and they homeless people had been staying there.
Still, I shop there, and yes, she's still the manager (but I always call ahead to be sure it's her day off when I go in)

From: pax_aevum
2006-10-30 01:51 am (UTC)
I once heard my old manager blame the new girl for selling a customer's hobby table that she had already paid for when she was the one who'd told her to sell it, hoping the customer who'd already paid wouldn't come back that day. Yeah, that's not that bad. She also said something to me about a customer trying to "jew" her. That's pretty bad. She walked off the job without warning the same day I handed in my two weeks' notice at that store.
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[User Picture]From: doomslippers
2006-11-02 02:53 am (UTC)
wow. that is pretty bad.

I heart your icon.
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-05-05 07:25 am (UTC)

I know your pain

Thank God they are shutting down the Hancocks in Eureka, CA, You want to talk about a manager from u-know what. I knew after working there 4 months, this store would not last. Now she is going to the Modesto store I hear. I feel so sorry for these employees, get ready for the dingy, ~itch from hell. If I were you in Modesto, CA, I would start looking for a job elsewhere before she gets their.

Good Luck/Modesto Hancocks
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-09-20 09:59 am (UTC)


Hello there, I enjoyed reading your blog thing! I am from the UK and we produce a large range of Home Decorating fabrics for the UK, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. They consist of Prints and jaquards and are generally colourful, coordinated and probably considered quite young and funcky.
I am looking to try and sell our ranges of fabrics in the USA and Hancocks was one of hte companies i understand which also sell Drapery fabrics for Home Furnishings.
Do you have any comments about their home furnishing departments? Would they be somewhere you would go to look for curtain fabric? do you hve any advice for me? Anything you could sugest would be very much welcome.
I intend to make my first visit to the Florida Area.

Best wishes

Jeremy Shaw (UK) jeremyshaw991@hotmail.com

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[User Picture]From: empressjad
2007-09-20 03:32 pm (UTC)

Re: hancocks

As you can tell, I'm not exactly a big fan of Hancock's, but that being said, I'll try to be objective.
They operate several different levels of stores, as does JoAnn's (another fabric/crafts store), and the larger stores have a nice selection of home dec fabrics/accessories. Price points seem to be between (retail) $6.99 to $24.99, and they do regular sales.
As a matter of fact, I've noticed that many of the fabric stores here are tending to lean more toward home dec and crafts, rather than fashion fabrics.
There are several other stores you might also want to consider. 1)Loomcraft operates in the Chicago area, but I don't know if they're nationwide. They deal specifically with home dec fabrics. Also in Chicago is 2) Fishman's Fabrics on Des Plaines. Very nice selection of upscale home dec fabrics. 3)Vogue on Roosevelt Road is another good place. I'm not sure they have nationwide presence, but they're both extremely well-known in the Chicago/midwest area. And while in Chicago, there's the 4) Merchandise Mart downtown, which has showrooms for loads of fabric houses. All the decorators and their clients (as well as those of us who can scam our way in) go there. 5)HobbyLobby has a nice size selection of fabrics for home dec do-it-yourselfers.6) Ben Franklin has some stores that carry fabrics, but not all of them do.7) The larger WalMarts are beginning to carry more and more in the home dec lines.
Hope this is helpful.
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