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[Jan. 19th, 2007|06:42 pm]
Fabric store whores


Hello o fabric store whores!  If any of you are still out there and watching, I'm looking for help that seems like it would be completely in your area of fantastic knowledge.  Okay, so it's not relating to Hancock's (never heard of them - do they have them in the Portland OR area?).  But I'm looking for something substantially similar to a rolling sewing machine case I saw at a Joann's Fabrics in NH before Christmas but was too stupid to just buy when I saw it and now can't find it anywhere, and I've googled and everything but no luck.  I *can* find rolling sewing machine cases in this tapestry fabric that's reminiscent of couches/curtains/rugs, and kind of similar rolling craft cases in slippery plastic-y looking fabrics, but...the one I fell in love with was a dark blue satin-y material in a kind of asian print.  It was a little more presentable in the circles of the young and fashionable, which isn't particularly me but I need that look anyway...  Are you out there?  Do you know the item I'm talking about or something similar?  Do you have any ideas where I could look?
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